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Welcome to Money Up Records Radio!


This is the internet radio you have been looking for.  We are a Record  Label based out of St. Louis MO.  We specialize in hip hop , but you can also find other genre here also!
And yes we are looking for talent!


Bo Dean

Another artist you can find on this site is Bo Dean.  He has been doing his thing on the underground level for a while here in Saint Louis , MO USA.  Well know for many of his colaboration and spectacular word play.  He has two songs you will here on this station.  Hiatus and All My 

For more on this artist you  can reach him at Bo Dean = bovemberbookings@gmail.com

All My Video



Future Mic

Another artist music you can find on the site is Future Mic.  He is a R&B sensation for Saint Louis , MO USA.  He has been doing his thing in the Lou for a sec now also.  He has many acalades , such as colabo with artist major like Murphy Lee from the Saint Lunitics.  To find out more about him and his music you can go to www.futuremicsingz.com .  He also has two singles on Money Up Records Dot Com – Such as THANK YOU , SUCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE & BABY MOMA !


Baby Moma Song Video



Chad Major

This next Saint Louis, MO USA artist is a rapper who we can honestly say! Getting it out of the mud.  He has been doing shows , colabo , and mezmorizing crowds with them exotic pimp flows.  He has a team titled Menace Mobb.  And they been making noise around the way.  His name is Chad Major .  Chad Major has one single on the site title How Could You.




This next artist im sure you’ve seen before or even heard his music and didn’t even know you where in his presence.  The one and only Contact.  For more on this artist you can go to his website www.stlcontact.com Or follow on twitter @stlcontact

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This next artist we actually meet on linkedin.  Told her to send me some music.  She did , it was nice to me.  I let you judge for yourself.  To learn more about this artist or even for more of her work.   Make sure you go to her site www.tp9music.com or follow her on YouTube Tp9music  twitter @therealtp9 instagram Tp9music !


Lil Papar

This next artist want to be a rapper or a basketball player like most kids.  Just so happen that he is related to an artist that was previously mentioned on this station.  He recorded his first song at the age of ten and you can hear his single only here!




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We keep it knocking!

If you interested in rocking with us.  Here’s how it’s done.

Hit the Connect link!  There is a $3 processing fee to be considered for the station.

We are looking for three things when taking in consideration for the station.

 Does it sound good?

Is it Universal?

And does it fit our sound here?