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The development of the mind ,body, spirit and soul. Years as an artist, i attempted to grow. And have experienced some difficulties in the process. The mind followed the soul . But the soul took in all. The biggest thing with the all that was taken in. Is the fact that it’s not censored or corrected. We as individuals have to learn how to censor and correct all that we take in. The things you put in your mind , has the ability to grow. So the key to becoming Money Up is simply in the thought process. Money Up is a thought process. Weighing more on the positive side of all situation. One thing we have to remember is that change is constant. And when you are aware of this. Things seem to not be as hard as they appear. Though i know what your thinking. Some changes are harder to deal with than others. But the key thing that helps the mind grow is having the ability to look at the positive of all situations. Therefore giving new experiences and outlooks can change that negative to positive. ….. Hence Money Up!……Contact In Thisss! “I am Antowne(Contact)Clower the Ceo, Founder, Owner, Artist , Writer ,Producer of Money Up Records LLC – Money Up Records Radio- http://www.moneyuprecords.com – C.I.N(Competition Is None)Publishing .”

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Encounters Of A Strange Kind (Part2) / Anteyesocial

All I Want 4 Xmas(Digital Single)(Mp3)

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That Plug Classic Version2


Cutta The Character by Cutta


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