This part of the site is dedicated to them spittaz! You will see artist going Off The Top! What is Off The Top you ask? This is when an artist display his ability to create a rhyme or song right before your eyes! While in this process there is no writen or recycled lyrics . Just a flo pattern or metaphores that make you think! There are not alot of people who truely has this ability. Many have tried but few have hone these skillz and ability. Below you will find some trying and actually acquiring this skill. Let Us Know What You Think?







J Youngg






Sin CIty , Contact , & LowKey




If you think you got what it takes to go OFF The Top! Hit the link to submit you video! Yes we accept only youtube videos! So record yourself and get that exposure you been looking for worldwide! In the subject line put Off The Top. Hit submit To Submit!




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Soundbite by Contact



Cutta The Character by Cutta

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That Plug Classic Version2 by Contact




Frequency by Contact




Saint Louis Shit by Contact





Current State by Contact



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