Off The Top & FreeStyles

This part of the site is dedicated to them spittaz! You will see artist going Off The Top! What is Off The Top you ask? This is when an artist display his ability to create a rhyme or song right before your eyes! While in this process there is no writen or recycled lyrics . Just a flo pattern or metaphores that make you think! There are not alot of people who truely has this ability. Many have tried but few have hone these skillz and ability. Below you will find some trying and actually acquiring this skill. Let Us Know What You Think?




J Youngg

Paso Lingo


Sin CIty , Contact , & LowKey


Mosheh Koke

 Artist we are trying something new! 

          If you have music you would love to get out there ! Then submit you video for a chance of placement. There is a $25 dollar submission Fee and a $15 processing Fee.  All of this will go to promotion for not only the site but the artist on the site also.

Any ?s give us a call !

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Rules for paying and uploading a video to the site. We accept all forms of payment. You have the option of selecting your form of payment threw paypal. Make sure your link is current and works correctly, no nudity, guns, drugs , or obscured language , immorality , contaminated or sick imagery. Please allow up to 5 business days for all videos to be loaded after payment is confirmed.




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Sorry 4 The Screw Up!

There was 25 DVDs sold that where defective , we do apologize for the misunderstanding , to those who have supported go to the contact page, email us where you got the DVD from and give us an email.  And we will give you a passcode to watch the Video Doc online ,  from the comfort of google drive.  Once again Sorry 4 The Technical Issue!