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Off The Top / / Hip Hop True Freestyle

Off The Top / / Hip Hop True Freestyle

Off the top is a part of the site where you will find people and artist displaying there talent.  No this is not scripted.  These artist is completely going off the top of the dome.  What I mean by off the top of the dome – definition of OFF THE TOP OF THE DOME – IS WHEN AN ARTIST IN HIP HOP DOES MORE THAN FREESTYLE, ACTUALLY PERFORMS AND PUTS TOGETHER A SONG RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES , FRESH FROM THE BRAIN ,with no hesitation or even structure show of the process. THIS IS NOTHING THAT HAS BEEN PREWRITTEN OR EVEN PLANED IN NO WAY.  TO TELL WHETHER OR NOT AN ARTIST IS TRUE THE FLOW SHOULD HAVE flaws but also well known lifts -that promotes the artist AND ALSO AT ANY MOMENT COULD BE SWITCHED UP TO TALK ABOUT CURRENT EVENTS , TIMES , PLACES , SITUATIONS , AND THINGS.  Not many are blessed with this ability but many have tried.  Here are a few!

Contact & Producer Dee


Sin City 


Sin City – Contact – LowKey




J Youngg







Rapper Crimez





Mosheh Koke



Paso Lingo





Young Louie, Lowkey, Cutta- SOH


If you know somebody who can go off the top.  Have them submit a video HERE.  Subject line should be Off The Top.  Make sure they also submit there stage name along with a twitter handle and a way to reach them.  If it’s hot it will be placed on the site!