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Money Up Records (Hat)(Black)

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That Plug Classic(Retrograde)(Flashdrive)


Reinvesting Is The Key


Exclusively for those who rock wit us. We have one option. $5 a Month for (30 days) subscription to the (4 your ears only) part of the site. This part of the site let you listen to new releases from the label Money Up Records along with other underground artist from the midwest , whom also has given our internet station permission to promote their work as well.

That Plug Classic Volume 2

Sold Here!

Here are some examples of our work! All of the following are singles that are on the album That Plug Classic Volume2!


(Single Off The Album That Plug Classic)


With Bonus Summertime Hit Song”Fill So Good”!



That Plug Classic Version 2

(Single Off The Album That Plug Classic)

Mission 4 Paper


That Plug Classic Version 2


(Single Off The Album That Plug Classic)




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Encounters Of A Strange Kind (Part1)



For more on this artist go to / Money Up Record LLC / (C.I.N) Competition Is None Publishing


Second Video ever shot by Contact

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Also You Can Purchase Any Of The Following Albums ! Yes this is hard copy CD In Jewel Case people ! Only for those who are true collectors of this music we call hip hop / soul and the experience it brings, Enjoy!


Soundbite by Contact



That Plug Classic Version 2 by Contact




Current State by Contact




Frequency by Contact



Saint Louis Shit by Contact


Do you own a store?  Do you like to buy in bulk?  Hit the link below to purchase 25 units of Saint Louis Shit by Contact of Money Up Records!


Sorry 4 The Screw Up!

There was 25 DVDs sold that where defective , we do apologize for the misunderstanding , to those who have supported. Go to the contact page, email us where you got the DVD from, then give us an email.  We will give you a passcode to watch the Video Doc online ,  from the comfort of google drive.  Once again Sorry 4 The Technical Issue!

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