Take an ear to what we have to offer! Some of the best underground , independent , music the world has to offer. The only catch is that all these artist are coming from the midwest of the USA. They rain from cities like Milwaukee , WI / Saint Louis, MO / Kansas City , KS / Memphis,TN / Detroit , MI /Chicago, IL . So kick back relax and let the music free yo mind!


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Exclusively for those who rock wit us. We have one option. $5 a Month for (30 days) subscription to the (4 your ears only) part of the site. This part of the site let you listen to new releases from the label Money Up Records along with other underground artist from the midwest , whom also has given our internet station permission to promote their work as well.

– You get access to the (4 Your Ears Only) Section of the Site!

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 Artist we are trying something new! 

          If you have music you would love to get out there ! Then submit you video for a chance of placement. There is a $25 dollar submission Fee and a $15 processing Fee.  All of this will go to promotion for not only the site but the artist on the site also.

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Lady El

Lil Papar

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