This part of our internet station  is dedicated to those who make life so great.  If you haven’t noticed, on the radio section of the site , there are videos of artist who have submitted their music.  With that being said. It takes a village to raise a mind.

There are three options for supporting Money Up Records .  These options are based on three factors: Soil , Light & Roots , and Water.  These three options get their names from these great elements that has the ability to create life and take us to that next level.  Below you will find supporters who have done just that.  So i would like to give a special thanks to those posted below for helping us grow! They have not only been the light but the roots that help us stay strong and maintain in time of struggle. If you can share , like ,  post, and tell a friend we would appreciate it.  This is where you need to be!  Money Up Records!

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